RON PAUL: Real Inflation Food, Energy Higher than Nine Percent; Marines Head for Libya, No Options Off Table

Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

WASHINGTON, DC (HNN) – Rep. Ron Paul said that the federal reserve “on purpose” does not know the value of a dollar . Paul said that free market economists are predicting more than nine percent inflation, not the widely perceived 2.5%. “It’s theft, it’s ruining the economy, it’s causing a malinvestmnet. Price inflation is coming.”

“He’s paid to deceive the marketplace and deceive the people into thinking things are much better than they really are,” Paul said in relation to comments by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke.

On foreign relations, Rep. Paul said that Marines are already on the way to Libya, revealing that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said all options are on the table. “We’re getting ready to take on Libya.”

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