Huntington, WV Offered Safety Courses, including Hazardous Materials, Prior to Garage Accident; Injured Employee Attended

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – Although City of Huntington, WV cannot comment on the accident which critically injured city garage worker George Willoughby, Brandi Jacobs-Jones , director of Administration and Finance has provided to HNN a listing of safety courses offered by the city.

However, Ms. Jacobs-Jones did respond to a former city garage worker who told HNN Wednesday night that employees should receive hazardous materials training. She provided an outline of a Hazardous Communication Training course offered September 14-15, 2010. Willoughby attended the September 15 session, according to Ms. Jacobs-Jones.

Here is the outline of items covered in that course (with emphasis added by HNN) :

i.        Requirements of Standard

a.       Employee Training

b.      Written Program

c.       Labeling

d.      Material Safety Data Sheets

ii.        Hazard Determination

a.       Types of Hazard

b.      Hazard Forms

c.       Ways of Entry into the Body

iii.      Labels and Warnings

a.       Original Containers

b.      Secondary Containers

c.       Types of Labeling

d.      Material Safety Data Sheets

iv.       Employee Protection

a.       Safe Work Practices

b.      Hazard Control

c.       Personal Protective Equipment

In September 2010 the City began contracting services with Ohio University Southern and Zane State College to provide safety training courses for our Public Works employees. Since Sept. 2010, we have conducted the following trainings: Hazard Communications (Sept 14 & 15); Bloodborne Pathogens (Oct 12 & 13); Defensive Driving (Nov. 9 & 10); Ergonomics/Materials Handling (December 14 & 15); Confined Space (January 11 & 12); Electrical Safety (Feb. 8 & 9).

Based on statements and interviews at the time, only the Electrical Safety and Defensive Driving programs had been mentioned by HNN sources. The above completes the record demonstrating that additional safety training has been provided including Hazardous Communications.

The following courses will be offered during the remainder of the current fiscal year: Walking and Working Surfaces/Stairways & Ladders (March 8 & 9); Personal Protective Equipment/Fall Protection (April 12 & 13); Hand and Power Tool Safety (May 10 & 11); Hazardous Materials (June 14 & 15).

Ms. Jacobs-Jones indicated that “we have not yet set the training courses and dates for the next fiscal year.”

James McIntosh of McIntosh Consultants has the contract for safety inspections and other items outside of safety training.