DEVELOPING… BUDGET HEARING: Council Restores Constituent Services Liaison Position; At Least Temporarily Withholds $100,000 Contribution to Animal Shelter

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

During the Saturday morning budget hearing, Huntington City Council has un

animously voted to restore funding for the constituent services liaison position in the mayor’s office. They have also voted to remove the $100,000 a year contribution to the animal control shelter and place it in the contingency fund.

The purpose of withholding the money at this time is to bring all parties to the table for discussions on improving the services provided by the shelter.

Further, Huntington’s council is concerned that it is the only municipality that contributes funds to the shelter, yet other cities and towns are served.

In addition, after a lengthy discussion, council has referred to the finance committee a challenge to determine if further cuts can be made in the Police and Fire Departments and allocate it to paving.

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