Nuclear Disaster Lurks America as Fukushima First Anniversary Nears

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Nuclear Disaster Lurks America as Fukushima First Anniversary Nears

Dear Editor,

As you know , there are 23 General Electric Mark I Fukushima-clone reactors operating in the U.S. Nothing has been done to upgrade them or close them in the past year. All of them should be closed (along with all of the other "pressure suppression" reactors). None of them should escape being a target of protest and exposure this Spring.

For that matter, the NRC has not implemented a single one of its Fukushima Task Force recommendations made in response to the accident. This blatant failure needs to be brought squarely into the public arena.

Current emergency planning requirements in the U.S. (and many other countries) are simply inadequate and must be strengthened. NIRS will be launching a major campaign on this February 15; we'll send you details at that time, but it may help inform some of your actions.

Vermont groups are asking for actions--especially at Entergy Corporation power plants (of any kind) and offices across the country--on March 24 in support of Vermont Yankee shutdown and against Entergy's continued legal war against the State of Vermont and its people. We hope your group will consider doing such an action. More information from the SAGE Alliance here.

Actions at utility offices in cities are generally much more visible than actions at reactor sites in remote locations, especially if you have a small group of people. Even a few people with signs and handouts for passersby bring needed attention to the issue. Occupying utility offices provides even greater visibility (although, of course, the possibility of arrest)! Not part of a group or simply can't get out to an action?

During March and April take advantage of the attention nuclear issues will be receiving and help build it: write letters to the editors of your local newspapers, blog postings, posts on social networks, call into talk radio shows, etc. Demand nuclear shutdown. Help let the world know that it's time to implement a nuclear-free carbon-free energy future! 

Michael Mariotte Executive Director Nuclear Information and Resource Service

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