Once Again, Manchin Fails To Match Fiscal Rhetoric, Votes Against Cutting Washington Spending

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WASHINGTONSince President Obama took office, federal discretionary spending has increased 24 percent. Forty cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed.  And despite supporting every single major spending initiative put forward by President Obama, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has frequently paid rhetorical lip service to the need for fiscal responsibility. 

In a speech on the Senate floor yesterday, Manchin once again attempted to distance himself from the same big-spending Obama agenda he has so readily supported in the past, leading Politico to note that the liberal incumbent “clearly is worried about the politics of deficit spending as he faces a tough re-election in 2012.”

Well today the talking stopped.  Every Senator was finally forced to lay their cards on the table and once again, Senator Manchin’s big-spending record did not match his rhetoric.

Despite the fact that already this year, Washington has spent nearly $650 billion more than it’s taken in, Manchin joined his fellow Democrats today in defeating a modest Republican spending proposal that would cut non-emergency discretionary spending by just $61 billion.  This represents cutting just over 1% of the entire federal budget.

In response to this latest vote in support of more federal spending by Manchin, National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Chris Bond offered this perspective: “If every West Virginia family and small business took the same approach to spending and debt that Joe Manchin takes with spending their tax dollars, every single one of them would be bankrupt and destitute.  Imagine if every West Virginian decided to call up their credit card company, telling them they don’t want to cut their monthly spending because they prefer living outside their means.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Manchin is doing for our country in the Senate, racking up a massive debt that is mortgaging our children’s future.

“Senator Manchin constantly preaches fiscal responsibility to West Virginians, but does the exact opposite when it comes time to vote in Washington.  He votes in lockstep with his liberal party leaders to spend more money that our country doesn’t have.  Fortunately, West Virginians are catching on to Manchin’s double-talk and that’s why he faces one of the most competitive Senate races next year,” Bond concluded.

Notably, Manchin’s vote comes just days after the non-partisan General Accounting Office released a new report showing tens of billions of dollars in wasteful, duplicative government spending.

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