by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Paramount Releases New Trailer for West Virginia Made "Super 8;" It's  Awesome & One Click Away

Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for the WV made "Super 8."  The Northern Panhandle of WV and particularly Pittsburgh have gradually became a favorite location for Hollywood small town deju vu.   “Super 8” is the first potential “blockbuster” for Weirton, although it was used in portions of the Academy Award winning “Deerhunter” and was home for a young Daryl Hannah for “Reckless.”

Viewing “fan” stills have given insight into the town’s retro transformation for the sci-fic thriller, but that said, the premise of the production has been relatively top secret.

The rumor mill has stated "Super 8" is a tribute to Spielberg’s 70’s films (which include “ET”) , but considerable mention has been made of “Cloverfield,” too. However, this new preview depicts a premise where a couple of kids and a Super 8mm camera happen to be making a home grown film at the train station.

Yes, a train wreck follows, but this looks like a super long running Summer 2011 hit.

Obviously, the contents of the peek at the flick are (c) Paramount Pictures and used herein as promotion for the movie that will put the Mountain State on the moviemaking map.