BREAKING: Partial Meltdowns May Have Occurred; Japanese Race to Prevent More

Provided to HNN & Edited from News Release
File Photo from Hand Out
File Photo from Hand Out

Japanese officials are now reporting that two meltdowns may have occurred at the earthquake damaged nuclear power plant. Nine people have received significant exposures and the number could rise to as high as 70 to 160 ; however, at this time. 

The chance of health impacts on the West Coast of the US and Canada are not of concern. According to experts, what radiation flowed into the jet stream would be greatly diminished. Ordinary people would have to be flying in a plane to absorb fallout from the Japanese meltdown.

Reuters reported the No. 1 reactor at Tokyo Electric Power Co's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan released radiation after a powerful earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan on Friday left it with a crippled cooling system and the operator was forced to release pressure that had built up in the reactor.