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File Photo by Chris Spencer
File Photo by Chris Spencer
BOSTON (MA) -- The field for the 2011 Postseason Tournament (CIT) was announced on Sunday evening.

The 24-team field features schools from 15 different conferences, including Conference USA, Missouri Valley and the Mountain West Conference.

“We are extremely pleased with the field we have assembled for the 2011 CIT,” said Riley Wallace who is the chairman of the selection committee. “I think the committee did an outstanding job of identifying teams early on, which made the process easier.”

The majority of the field was already in place on Friday, with programs like Air Force, Furman, East Tennessee State, Iona, Marshall, Northern Iowa, Portland, Rider, Santa Clara SMU and Valparaiso all committing well in advance of selection Sunday.

Some schools were still hopeful of a spot in the NIT, which is something that Wallace and the selection committee fully understood.

“We want programs to get into the NCAA or the NIT,” said Wallace. “When we started this tournament three years ago we did so with the idea that we can provide teams with a postseason opportunity. Our message to the schools was that if the NCAA or NIT didn’t happen the CIT was an option for them.”

Teams like East Tennessee State, Iona, Marshall, Northern Iowa, Portland, Rider and Valparaiso all had resumes worthy of NIT consideration.

Established in 2009 with 16 teams, the tournament expanded to 24 this season. The reasoning behind the expansion was based on the great number of deserving teams that were still left out of the postseason.

“We have looked at a 24-team field since the first tournament in 2009,” said Wallace. “Last season teams like Iona, Maine, Campbell, Radford and other s all had outstanding seasons, but didn’t receive an invitation for postseason. With so many bowl games in college football the idea of adding eight more teams to our tournament was the right move.”

All 24 teams will compete in the first round, with four teams then getting a bye into the quarterfinals. The eight remaining teams will play for the right to advance to the quarters. The entire field will be seeded, based on a number of factors including RPI, strength of schedule, conference ranking, and geographic location.

The entire 24 team field includes Air Force (15-15), Buffalo (18-13), East Carolina (18-15), East Tennessee State (22-11), Furman (22-10), Hawaii (18-12), Idaho (18-13), Iona (22-11), Jacksonville (19-11), Marshall (22-11), North Dakota (19-14), Northern Arizona (19-12), Northern Iowa (19-13), Ohio (18-15), Oral Roberts (19-15), Portland (20-11), Quinnipiac (22-9), Rider (23-10), San Francisco (17-14), Santa Clara (19-14), SMU (17-14), Tennessee Tech (20-12), Western Michigan (20-12) and Valparaiso (23-11).

Every game will be broadcast live through Fox College Sports Broadband, with the championship being televised on Fox College Sports on Wednesday, March 30. The single-elimination format will be played entirely at on-campus sites, which will be determined by seeding.
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