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Clark Barnes
Clark Barnes
Republican State Senator Clark Barnes has had a reputation for tackling a broad range of issues  during his six years in the legislature.  For example, the Elkins entrepreneur may be the only  candidate running for Governor this year who addresses the issue of digital identity theft.

"People are increasingly learning how important it is to watch what they make available about themselves online," said Barnes.  "Identity theft used to be just a vague problem that happened to someone else, but the computer hackers are getting more clever.  Once they crack your code, you're in for one seriously bad ride."
Barnes points to the damage being done to people daily who lose money from their online banking accounts or people who are too free with using their credit card on line.
"Remember, the guy who steals your credit card number, bank account number, or social security number is hoping that no one is going to notice for a few days or maybe even a week," said Barnes. "By the time people have figured out that they've been had, thousands of dollars can be robbed. And even if you prove to the credit bureaus that you've been a victim, it can still take them awhile to set you right, making it impossible for you to buy a car or a home until it is all worked out."
On the candidate's website at (, Barnes lays out his concern  on identity theft clearly: 
"In an age where terrorism and digital identity theft challenge us as West Virginians and Americans, we must always be vigilant in the face of these and other dangers.  I believe a clear line must be drawn to protect our rights."
"I'm seriously opposed to big government, especially in terms of a larger and more bloated bureaucracy," said Barnes.  "But passing sound laws against identity theft doesn't require a new state agency. Passing meaningful legislation to protect the citizens is what good legislation is all about.  As  Governor, I would look for more protections like this, rather than expanding the size of our state government."