Young Republicans Allege Tomblin Administration "botched" Cracker Plant Negotiations

Edited from a Press Release

West Virginia's Young Republican's have alleged that the Tomlin administration botched cracker pl

ant negotiations. Instead of WV, the multi billion dollar chemical cracker plant will be built in Beaver County, Pa., about 17 miles from the Mountain State border.

"The first inning of the Tomblin administration ends with three strikeouts by the Governor," said WV Young Republicans Chair Conrad G. Lucas. "Swing and miss on the cracker.....swing and miss on fixing our courts.....swing and miss on fixing our antiquated tax system that kills jobs."

The Governor has talked about little but delicious crackers since the fall, but has failed to attract the billions in energy investments. He said the cracker was his "number-one goal."

"We are sad that we were among the first to know this terrible economic news for our state on Wednesday, and that Governor Tomblin simply isn't doing the job," said Lucas. "But as an organization we are proud when we can keep our promises as to our 'Major Announcements.' There will be more in coming weeks on the accountability of our incumbent leaders."

"What's done in the dark will be brought to the light," Lucas added.

Editor's Note: Multiple sources have stated that the cracker plant developers wanted land occupied by Mountaineer Gaming near Chester, WV, and the relocation financial undertaking for the resort added significant pricey considerations that cause Pennsylvania to be the choice.

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