Ron Paul Comments on Obama/Reid Ex-Im Bank Proposal

Provided from a Ron Paul Press Release

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – Congressman and 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement today regarding President Obama and Senator Reid’s scheme to renew the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) by attaching it to the bipartisan JOBS bill.

See comments below:

“No one who truly supports free markets, limited government, and the taxpayers can support reauthorizing Ex-Im Bank. Ex-Im Bank is an unconstitutional corporate welfare program that takes money from American taxpayers and gives it to politically powerful corporations like Boeing and General Electric.

“I hope my fellow Republicans in Congress will join me in opposing any bill that renews Ex-Im Bank.

“Throughout my years in Congress, I have led the fight to shut down Ex-Im Bank. Unfortunately, neither Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum joined me in this cause when we served in Congress together. Governor Mitt Romney has been conspicuously silent about the issue. However, his past record suggests he likely supports corporate welfare boondoggles.

“I am the only candidate the taxpayers can trust to stop handing over their hard-earned money to big corporations through unconstitutional programs like Ex-Im Bank.”

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