EDITORIAL: Just Where is Joe Manchin with Labor These Days?

HNN Staff
EDITORIAL:  Just Where is Joe Manchin with Labor These Days?

Big Labor in West Virginia has been bullying our state legislature with a Buy American bill, an unworkable, impractical public policy approach in an increasingly “world is flat” global economy.

In West Virginia, where we exported a record $9 billion in coal, plastics, machinery, auto parts and aluminum last year, other countries cannot expect us to stop importing their products!

No wonder West Virginia AFL-CIO president Kenny Perdue is sensitive to the “right-to-work” agenda he attacked in a March 6 op-ed in the Charleston Gazette. Union Bosses are losing favor in the Mountain State.

Even union rank-and-file must be dismayed by the recent conviction of the Steelworkers Local 14505 president in Logan for embezzlement, cashing 52 pre-signed blank checks totaling more than $38,000, payable to herself and a family member.

It is interesting that Joe Manchin was one of only 11 Democrats who stood with labor in a March 8 floor vote to fast-track the Keystone XL pipeline. The Obama administration, however, has, as the Wall Street Journal put it, “bowed to the green lobby and the Environmental Protection Agency” to stifle much-needed energy production and jobs growth.”

By siding with labor on this vote Manchin bucked the Obama White House. But where will he be on S.J. Res. 36 to silence Obama’s nameless, faceless government bureaucrats in that little-known, Big Labor-dominated agency, the National Labor Relations Board?

The board’s coercive policies are denying workers the right to organize free from pressure or intimidation from Union Bosses.

Where is Joe Manchin on the Isakson bill to reverse NLRB bureaucrats who would saddle small business with costly union red tape through so-called “micro” or “specialty” unions that would do nothing other than create division, discord and disharmony in the workplace? Imagine, the hammer and nail sales force in a hardware store or the washer-dryer sales associates in an appliance store unionizing!

Where is Manchin on the Hatch bill to protect employees with a secret ballot in the workplace and provide for re-certification of unions every three years?

Where is Manchin on the Enzi bill which would stop unions from rigging elections with fast-track organizing petitions, secretly circulated by labor organizers who do this for a living, bankrolled by their Union Bosses?

Where is Manchinon the NLRB-authorized union intimidation giving Big Labor carte blanche access to employee phone numbers e-mail and home addresses to stalk workers anytime, day or night, to fuel their organizing campaigns. Jimmy Hoffa has no right to this protected information!

Joe may have been with labor on the XL pipeline, but will he let Union Bosses bully us when it comes to Obama’s NLRB?

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