NEWS ANALYSIS: Raese's New Cap and Trade Video a Potentially Powerful New Media Campaign Tool

HNN Staff
U.S. Senate candidate John Raese in new video
U.S. Senate candidate John Raese in new video

Cap and Trade is back!  The issue that saw John Raese's rise in the polls in the 2010 campaign, followed by Joe Manchin's famed "shooting" response ad has new life in a short, three-minute video put out yesterday on Raese's campaign website and Facebook page.

In the video, Raese appears confident and relaxed in a light blue shirt, as he matter-of-factly retraces the Cap and Trade issue and what he considers its overarching significance to West Virginia. 

Raese notes that Joe Manchin was the only Governor from any of the several coal producing coal states to have pushed through a state version of Cap and Trade, the controversial House Bill 103.  Raese points out the provisions in Manchin's bill that would curtail the use of coal for electricity production, resulting in a loss of mining jobs.

Calling Manchin "confused," Raese shows the contradiction of a Governor going out of his way to promote alternative energy at coal's expense, with Manchin's campaign pledge to vote against the federal Cap and Trade bill.  That bill has never came up for a vote in the Senate since Manchin arrived in early 2011.

Raese further states that Manchin promised to get the Obama Administration's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) "off our backs" in the 2010 election.  The current EPA has been a challenge for coal and other industries in West Virginia, with its stringent regulations. 

For example, permits for new coal operations have dramatically slowed, adding to the perception that a "war on coal" is being perpetrated by the Obama Administration's EPA.  

Raese then uses a current news story to further illustrate this perception. Raese reminds the viewer of the loss of 100 jobs from recent power plant closings in Willow Island in Pleasants County, Albright in Preston County, and Rivesville, in Manchin's home county of Marion.

"Now right there, that reference hits home," said Jack Ellis, HNN's Senior Political Analyst. "The fact that Joe Manchin couldn't even prevent his home county's power plant from going under the Obama EPA's knife is telling.  Raese is suggesting that Manchin doesn't have the juice with President Obama that we all thought he'd have as a fellow Democrat."

"Quite frankly, this may be one of the more effective pieces John Raese has produced, especially if it goes viral on the internet," Ellis continued.  "Raese presents his argument in a statesmanlike way, evidencing a genuine concern for how the Obama Administration's EPA is directly affecting West Virginia families' jobs and communities.  These power plants have been some of the economic anchors in counties like Pleasants, Preston, and Marion, so Raese is clearly making a pitch to counties like these."

In addition to businesses in limestone, steel, broadcasting, and tourism, Raese's Greer Industries had past coal operations through Preston Coal and Coke.  To view the Raese video, click here.






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