DEVOTION: Take Up Your Mat and Walk

"The Master said, "Get up, take your bedroll, start walking." The man was healed on the spot. He picked up his bedroll and walked off."


For 38 years the man had been lying by the pool of healing water... unable to benefit from his place of waiting. 


First the Master asked if he really was open to being healed... and when he replied in the affirmative... the man followed the Master's command and  was able to stand up and walk away... something his entire life he had never been able to do.


Instead of rejoicing in this incredible act ... the religious leaders condemned the healing. It wasn't done on their terms of understanding.. so there was no acceptance of the wonder of this gift of grace.


So many times we miss the color ... the taste... the sounds... the touch of God's tenderness and mercy because we don't comprehend God's unconditional love.  In our inclusiveness and acceptance... there is usually an "if" preceding our approval.


To walk in life is tough... hard on the body, mind, soul and spirit.  To be open... to see... to hear... to speak... to touch and receive God's blessings doesn't seem possible.  We seem to stay in the "waiting mode"... hoping someday to walk in God's light of love.


O God... Forgive me for my doubt and hesitation to get up... to carry my mat... and to walk into your light of love. You have promised that my burden will be easy... and that you will carry it with me... but I am still so fearful about walking forth in grace and confidence.  Help me understand what holds me dormant... keeps me imprisoned... shackles my heart and hands.  Free me, O God, and set me on my way to loving you more and to being a blessing to others.  Take away my inclination to judge others... to resist your grace... to demand my own way of understanding... and help me receive your compassion that is so freely poured out in and around me everyday. In the black and white of my understanding... dazzle me with your color... and empower my action to "take up your mat and walk".

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