DEVOTION: The Fifth Sunday in Lent

by Beth Bondurant
Is there anything more glorious than budding plants and blooming trees of spring. New growth... new beauty... new wonder in the resurrection of Mother Earth. The Master Creator is GLORIFIED in the splendor of unending life.
  "I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again."

  The buds and blooms appear in beauty and perfection...enduring for a moment... a measured time yet in ceaseless awe of God's omnific power.

  "O God, You desire truth in the inward being;  therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart." 
  Lord of Life... forgive me for not understanding the truth of your glory.  For with every living creation has come the "gift of life"... the offering up of oneself in the sacrifice of love for another.  It is in the pouring out... the letting go... the giving up... the offering of self... it is in devotion and commitment that love is lifted up.  It isn't by power and control... it isn't by prolific numbers or obtaining the most... it isn't by right answers or perfect decisions... it isn't by knowing and understanding... it isn't by performance and expertise... it is by sacrifice of self that rebirth draws us together in God's Spirit of love.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.  Teach me the way of love and sustain my hope.  We grow weary in the stages of life... and during this season of Lent are reminded of the road to Calvary... the heaviness of carrying our love for one another .... the trouble that comes with every turn in the road... the storms that come without a moments notice... the waters that cover every inch of land... but then we see the light of day... the tiny flower that pokes out of the mud... the twisted limbs spring forth in green... the color of yellow swelling the ground and love is lifted up again and again.  Give us strength and stamina as we submit ourselves to God's resurrection of love within us...  the fifth Sunday of Lent.
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