EDITORIAL: Raese's Sharpened Message vs. Manchin May Yield Dividends in 2012

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U.S. Senate Candidate John Raese
U.S. Senate Candidate John Raese

John Raese is, first and foremost, a businessman.  We hear it in his TV and radio ads about his success in creating private sector jobs in his limestone, steel, media, and tourism enterprises.  

But beyond his own bottom lines in his businesses, Raese views the current economic scene like a businessman would:  he sees problems that discourage growth in our economy and wants to fix them.

This explains Raese's latest statement on his website, a more sharpened critique of U.S. Senator Joe Manchin's performance as guardian of West Virginia's interests in Washington, D.C.  The piece, entitled "Coal & Joe Manchin: The Enemy Within,"  is Raese stripping away Manchin's mask.  Raese starts this piece by laying out some devastating facts about Manchin's record, like his promotion of House Bill 103, the green energy bill designed to cut coal use here to make way for alternative energy.  

As Raese notes, "He is firmly on the record for carbon taxes and cap and trade--and said so in a national TV interview...."  He goes on to show how, on the other huge topic of importance to West Virginia voters this year, Manchin has been a strong supporter of the President's Obamacare plan.

Who really cares if Manchin "challenges" his friend, Barack Obama, on other, lesser issues if he was there in the clutch for the President on the big items?

Raese then returns to the Obama Administration's attacks on the West Virginia coal industry, which have only intensified during the last year when Manchin took office as U.S. Senator.  So much for Manchin's ability to reason with his fellow Democrat, President Obama.  The EPA's attacks on West Virginia industry have become demonstrably worse while Manchin has been there, not better, no matter what his friends at the West Virginia Coal Association say.

"Manchin's predictable reply?" writes Raese.  "Well, he says the EPA proposals are "wrongheaded" and that he would "fight it every step of the way."  But where's the beef?  Either Manchin is impotent, unable even as a U.S. Senator in the President's own party to get us some relief, or he's in league with him, as he was with Obamacare.  Not a pretty choice for the average West Virginia voter to consider.

Raese puts it clearly:  "Here's the truth, Joe: you just can't get it done."

That's a strong statement, but Raese has a good bit to back him up on that.  Have we ever had an Administration this opposed to our jobs, our companies,  our tax base?  Even when the EPA got slapped down by two serious court cases in recent weeks, they still laid down new regulations to shut down more coal-fired power plants, like the three that have already been announced in West Virginia recently.

West Virginia certainly appears to have an advocate, one who will seriously fight the Obama Administration and its attempts to ruin our economic base here.  But his name isn't Manchin.  It's John Raese.

You don't have to agree with Raese on everything to agree with him on the main things:  survival of our key industries, the creation of good-paying private sector jobs, doing away with Obamacare, and honoring our culture's traditional values here.

Manchin's neverending drama of being both Barack Obama's best buddy from West Virginia and yet posing as his critic is getting very stale.  We have just one question for the junior senator from West Virginia, as the Obama Administration does everything in its power to cut West Virginia's economy off at the knees:

Besides yourself, what do you stand for, sir?

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