by Beth Bondurant
God hovers in and around us always … and there is nothing that can keep us from God's Spirit of love.

When our eyes perceive nothing but devastation and destruction, ... the Spirit of God's love prevails.

When our minds calculate only the painful cost of grief and suffering...God's Spirit moves in omnific mystery.

When we feel totally deserted and abandoned, we are never alone.

When we lose self, God is.

"The Master told me everything I ever did. The Master knows me inside and out."

O God, I can't imagine that the Master Creator would care about me.  I have nothing of value to give and feel so inadequate in even the simple tasks of daily living.  How can it be that the One who made everything is aware of the minuscule details hidden in my heart.  When it comes to goodness and mercy, I feel so inept.  When challenged to forgive and reconcile, the essence of my being hardens with resistance.  Day after day I seem to draw away from hope and healing and find solace in separation from family and community.  Drench me with your compassionate cleansing and nurture my spirit with the vitality of living water. I so thirst for communion with wholeness and peace. Stir up the joy and excitement that only Your love can bring. I long for your Spirit to revive my strength and rescue me so I no longer feel nothing.

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