April is National Autism Awareness Month

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April is National Autism Awareness Month

The Color of Autism Foundation will celebrate World Autism Day on Monday, April 2, 2012 and National Autism Awareness Month for the entire month of April with fundraising events and donation drives.


Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of neurological and developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently estimates that about 1 in 88 children have been identified with an ASD.  With 1 in 54 boys identified, the largest increases were found among African American and Hispanic children.


The Color of Autism Foundation is a not-profit (501 c3) organization based in Atlanta, Georgia that relies on the donations of individuals.  it was founded in 2009. The Foundation is committed to educating and assisting African American families with Autistic children. Autism affects children of every race, ethnic group and socioeconomic status. African-American children frequently are confronted with late diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Our goal is to help families identify the warning signs of autism early on.


Camille Proctor, Founder of The Color of Autism Foundation says, “We can start to overturn these disparities by helping African-Americans with autism reach their full potential and empowering families with information on autism that they can use to advocate services for their child.”


Proctor also states, “We are committed to raising public awareness about ASD, empowering families and lessening their isolation. We are dedicated to ensuring that all people with autism receive appropriate and effective services to maximize their growth potential


The Color of Autism Foundation’s main initiatives this year is the completion and distribution of a film with a new perspective on the Autism epidemic.


Screaming in Silence: Autism is a documentary about the affects of Autism on African American families.  Autism is a growing epidemic that has a resonating impact on the school systems, health and human services, judicial system, medical, mental health, therapeutic industry and caregivers in the African American community.


This film follows several everyday African American families across the United States who has children (toddlers to adults) with autism. Regardless of how unique an autistic individual may be, those that love and care for them have one unified goal in life - fight to ensure they have the best quality of life. Screaming in Silence: Autism is about awareness, accountability, advocacy and aspiration within the African American community.


More information on how to take action and donate to this organization during the month of April, please contact info@thecolorofautism.org.


YouTube video link: Screaming in Silence: Autism movie trailer


Website:  www.thecolorofautism.org o
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