EDITORIAL: Will Manchin Stand with Union Bosses...or Members?

EDITORIAL:  Will Manchin Stand with Union Bosses...or Members?

Get a load of George Hohmann’s Sunday column in the Sunday Charleston Gazette-Mail about the Teamsters’ coronation of Ken Hall to be their second in command.

The Charlestonian pulls down more than a cool quarter-million a year as a union boss.

But the respected Hohmann, veteran business editor of the Charleston Daily Mail, notes that all of Big Labor’s Mountain State top brass is a fairly comfortable elite.

Its top mineworkers’ union official, Laborers Local top dogs, Steelworkers’ local director, electrical workers honchos, boilermakers bigwigs, construction tradesmen and communications’ workers leading lady all rake in an annual take of six figures.

This in a West Virginia where the median income of just $37,000 is higher than only one other state.

Milking the rank and file to feed the fat and sassy labor elite does nothing to raise hope for working West Virginians. And Big Labor is mobilizing to implement the Obama agenda to orchestrate stealth elections in the workplace designed to unionize a workforce. It also wants to form so-called micro-unions, peeling off silvers of a workplace to organize them.

This crusade for unionization is fueled by an Obama-sanctioned scheme to force employers to divulge protected worker contact information such as their residence, phone and e-mail, setting up a workforce to for intimidation and harassment by labor organizers.

Outrage over the gap in pay between union bosses and hard-working West Virginians could well be an issue at the polls this fall. Senator Joe Manchin, seeking a full term in Washington this November, can make it clear he will stand up to this Big Labor Largesse, that he will fight the Obama bureaucrats at the National Labor Relations Board.

Manchin can stand with those who actually sign the front of the paychecks, encourage job creation and employment growth. Cuddling up to the well-paid, Obama-lovin’ union bosses is not the way.

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