Mayoral Candidate Issues Statement on Paving

Edited from a Press Release
Mayoral Candidate Issues Statement on Paving

Conservative Mayoral Candidate, Dale Anderson II, has released the following statement regarding the street paving program, which both the administration and council have allocated $1 million dollars during the current and next fiscal year:

"Our roads here in Huntington are a major issue, and even some of the newly resurfaced roads still have issues. What I want to remind the tax payers is that there is a difference between what Mayor Wolfe is doing – ‘resurfacing’ – and what needs to be done – ‘repaving.’

"Resurfacing is used for roads that are traveled less or as a quick fix." 

"Repaving is what most of our heavily traveled roads require. This entails ripping up the old asphalt and putting several inches of new asphalt down. The base of the road needs to be leveled and several inches of base or crushed rock used as the foundation."

"Resurfacing is what has been done repeatedly to Huntington's roads. Resurfacing has caused our drains on most of our roads to become potholes themselves, and the man-hole-covers are a similar issue." 

"Another issue we face in Huntington is that these resurfaced roads aren't well graded and have a lot of standing water on them. Riverside Drive between Guyandotte and the Nickel plant is a prime example of wasted money. It was resurfaced early in the Wolfe Administration. When it’s raining, this road collects pools of water, the drains on the sides of the road measure four to six inches below the road. I have heard complaints from several people about flat tires, damaged rims, or more extensive damage from this road alone."

"If elected mayor, I will work to do things right the first time and stop wasting your money on resurfacing roads that need to be repaved. Please visit our gallery ( of pictures to only view the bad drains, obliterated curbs and destroyed sidewalks.”
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