RAD REPORT: Former Nuclear Rack Executive Observes Rods Exposed, Heavy Elements Spew into Air; Evacuation Zone Should be Greater

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

Due to the seriousness of a “disturbing video on u-stream” , Arnie Gundersen, who formerly worked as a nuclear industry building nuclear fuel racks, reveals that based on his experience from observing the video at the Fukushima site, “it clearly shows no water in the pool.”

Normally , the green re-fueling glides along above the pool, it has collapsed and is lying in the pool. You can see “little boxes” which are the top of nuclear fuel racks that are supposed to be under water. “The top of the nuclear fuel is exposed,” Gundersen explained. Thus, the gamma rays are unshielded and go up into the sky and bounce back. “Work on the nuclear fuel is lethal.” Since the fuel pool, the heavy elements could be released. The evacuation zone should be extended. Here stresses other “serious consequences,” which after more data is available.

In earlier update, below, Gundersen describes the Fukushima plant as stable, but precarious. In this update, he discusses the high levels of radiation (2 Million disintegrations/second being found on the ground as far as 25 miles from the plant site.) He also addresses a New York Times report of hundreds of tons of water being put into the reactors each day. Gundersen points out that all of the water going in to the reactors is being irradiated, leaking out, and polluting the Ocean. He concludes by discussing the differences between the accident scenarios that the nuclear industry previously planned for and what has actually happened.


Video courtesy Farewinds Associates.




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