Sorsaia, Barnes Score at Southern WV Tea Party Rally

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Sorsaia, Barnes Score at Southern WV Tea Party Rally

A Tea Party rally held in Bluefield on Saturday afternoon produced two potential Tea Party favorites in Mark Sorsaia and Clark Barnes for the GOP nomination for Governor, along with no-shows from candidates Bill Maloney and Betty Ireland.  Over 100 people attended the event, one of the larger political gatherings thus far in this year's Special Primary Election campaign.

Putnam County Prosecutor Mark Sorsaia spoke about the origins of his run this year, saying that the "Republican pundits" asked him only how much money he could raise and who was supporting him.  "They didn't ask about my position on the issues, they just wanted to know about my campaign plans," said Sorsaia.   According to a local Tea Party supporter who attended the event, Sorsaia scored some points with this talk as it showed that he identified more with folks like Tea Partiers as opposed to GOP party bigwigs.

Sorsaia is considered a possible GOP candidate for Attorney General in next year's 2012 General Election.

According to the same Tea Party supporter, Republican State Senator Clark Barnes of Elkins also scored points with those gathered for taking on the $100 million allocation of state funds to the casinos at Cross Lanes, Wheeling, Chester, and Charles Town.

"Folks, the Governor and his legislative majority just decided to give their friends a break in this recession," said Barnes.  "So they gave the casinos this $100 million giveaway.  But have you received your break yet?"

The absence of GOP candidates Bill Maloney and Betty Ireland was noted by those gathered, especially Ireland's absence, given the odd moment when an Ireland supporter read a letter from the former Secretary of State.  The letter was confusing for some in the audience, as it indicated that Ireland felt that the other candidates present had nowhere else to be that afternoon, while Ireland had pre-existing commitments.

"It was like she was saying that she had more invites than the others, and that the others had no choice to but to be there," said the local Tea Party supporter.  "We all felt sorry for the lady reading the letter, but it was a strange moment."





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