Toyota's North American Production Continues... for Now

FromPress Release

CHARLESTON, WV (HNN) – The status of production at Toyota’s 13 plants in North America remains status quo following a late afternoon clarification from the parent company

in Japan. Earlier, some media outlets reported that production interruptions would occur at all sites.

"We continue to assess our supply base in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami," the company said in the press release. "We have communicated to our team members, associates and dealers here that some production interruptions in North America are likely. It's too early to predict location or duration."

Currently, the greatest majority of parts for our North America-built vehicles come from approximately 500 suppliers in North America. Also, we continue to receive parts from Japan that were already in the pipeline, limiting the immediate impact. We will continue to work closely with suppliers in North America and Japan to minimize any disruptions to Toyota’s overall North American operations.
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