DEVOTION: Anointing

by Beth Bondurant

"Gathering for prayer and the anointing of oil" has been only on rare occasions in my faith experience.  It is usually due to a life threatening  health concern or outside trauma that suggests an impending problem to the heart, mind, body or soul of someone we love.

Numbers may vary from "where two or three are gathered" up to a large body of faith joined in prayer for healing and hope.

Usually there is a particular person and set of special circumstances that pulls everyone's heart and spirit together in fervent anticipation and specific expectation.

Being touched by God's hand of love brings one a sense of peace and strength.  Whatever it is that intimidates our well being doesn't automatically dissipate... but there is a physical, emotional and spiritual force that empowers us to walk "through the valley" knowing we are not alone... that God is with us.

O God, we know that today is but a "blink of the eye" in the vast history of time and space... but there are those for whom today has become a momentous date marking the end and the beginning... the dark and the light.... the start and the finish... the hurt and the healing... the open and the closed... the sounding and the silence... almost as if time stands still... and waiting becomes our promised potential.  We pray for God's presence of peace. We breathe in God's Spirit of protection and preparation.  We allow God's hands to restore us and bring us to the "still waters".  We know there is nothing that can separate us from God's love and we claim the truth of God's mercy and grace.  Today will pass into tomorrow and God remains the same... with us... around us... through us for all eternity.  Alone and together we receive God's blessing and anointing.

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