Rahall Statement on Proposed Medicare Cuts

FromPress Release
WASHINGTON, D. C. – U. S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.)  issued the following statement in response to the Republican budget proposal released yesterday, and his concern for the impact of proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid programs on West Virginia’s seniors:

“It takes the security out of Social Security; the care out of Medicare; the aid out of Medicaid; and the trust out of the trust funds.

“The House Republican budget proposal is unabashed in its radical restructuring of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and hints at similar prospects for Social Security.  It’s not reform; it’s a gradual elimination of enormously popular programs that will increase costs for seniors on fixed-incomes.

Workers deserve the benefits they are owed after a lifetime of paying into these programs.  We must be extremely cautious and jealous in protecting Social Security and Medicare, or we may find that they will be taken away forever.”

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