EDITORIAL: Barnes Unafraid to Give Specific Budget Cuts

HNN Staff
Senator Clark Barnes
Senator Clark Barnes

The journalists around West Virginia are picking up on a common theme in their interviews with the candidates for Governor.  Across the state, reporters are asking the gaggle of candidates in both parties the following question:  "Where would you make cuts in the state budget--specifically."

This is a key question to ask and kudos to print, broadcast, and online news services who insist on an answer.  After all, it's one thing to want to sound fiscally responsible by pledging a tight state budget.

But it's wholly another to actually give specifics because that's how to lose friends, and politicians hate do do that, especially during en election season.

State Senator Clark Barnes of Elkins, a leading Republican candidate for Governor, is one candidate who has been willing, even eager, to give a detailed answer to this omnipresent question as he crisscrosses the state.   On Metronews Talkline this week, along with appearances on local talk radio programs, Barnes has been clear.  One budget cut should come from the way we utilize engineering firms in the design of bridges.  Barnes said that, as Governor, that would change, giving the state significant savings.

Senator Barnes also described how he would go into the state's bureaucracy and eliminate duplicative programs.  Barnes understands where the administrative agencies have competing programs, having been exposed to the bureaucracy in recent years as a State Senator.   He is well-known for his challenging questions when it comes to saving money for the taxpayers during committee meetings at the legislature.

Senator Barnes always seems to go one step further than the rest of the pack in this primary election, which will culminate on Saturday, May 14th.  While all the Republicans say they're for less government, Barnes gives the details and has made himself the fiscal conservative choice this year.



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