Cabell Huntington Hospital installs two new daVinciR SiT Surgical Systems

HNN Staff
HUNTINGTON, WV - With recent upgrades, Cabell Huntington Hospital hasbecome the Tri-State's first and only facility to install and use two new daVinci(r) Si(tm) Surgical Systems for minimally invasive robotic surgery services.

In 2006, Cabell Huntington Hospital became the first hospital in the region to offer daVinci Surgery, and has since expanded its robotic surgery program to bring the benefits of this technology to a wider range of patients. Now, the addition of two new daVinci(r) Si(tm) Surgical Systems provides the region's most experienced daVinci surgeons with unparalleled precision, dexterity and control and enables patients to have quicker access to daVinci procedures.

The daVinci(r) Si(tm) Surgical Systems offers:

*        Enhanced 3D, high-definition vision of the operative field withup to 10x magnification
*        A dual console allowing a second surgeon to assist
*        Superior visual clarity of tissue and anatomy
*        Surgical dexterity and precision far greater than even the human hand
*        New ergonomic settings for greater physician comfort. 

"The new features of the daVinci Si System have already improved outcomes for our patients, including making possible advanced cancer surgery and novel reconstructive procedures, with shorter hospital stays, less pain, reduced blood loss and more rapid return to normal activities" said James C. Jensen, MD, Chief of Urological Oncology at Marshall University and Director of Robotic Surgery at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center and Cabell Huntington Hospital. "Moreover, these substantial investments are further evidence of the leadership of Brent Marsteller and others at Cabell Huntington, whose combined vision helps make this robotic surgical program the leading program in the area."

When Dr. Jensen came to the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center in 2006, he brought extensive experience performing daVinci Prostatectomy, the world's most popular treatment for prostate cancer. Since then, Dr. Jensen has expanded his daVinci surgical offerings to include daVinci Simple Prostatectomy, daVinci Nephrectomy, daVinci Pyeloplasty, daVincy Cystectomy and other robotic urological procedures. In addition, Wade Douglas, MD, a surgical oncologist at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center has gained significant experience performing daVinci Abdominal Cancer Surgery and daVinci General Surgery, and Brenda Dawley, MD, an OB/GYN with Marshall University Obstetrics and Gynecology, has become the region's most experienced surgeon performing daVinci Hysterectomy, daVinci Myomectomy and daVinci Sacrocolpopexy.

Cabell Huntington Hospital is also the only hospital in the region to have purchased a daVinci(r) Skills Simulator, which it is currently using to train additional physicians to use the surgical system and further grow the hospital's daVinci program.

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