One Pump of Sanitary Station Online; Board's Director Calls Fix a Band Aid

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
One Pump  of Sanitary Station Online; Board's Director Calls Fix a Band Aid

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) - About mid-way through Monday night's city council meeting, Mayor Kim Wolfe confirmed a message received from Loretta Covington, executive director of the Huntington Sanitary Board, that the 13th Street W. Sanitary pump station had been re-started. Sewage is no longer flowing untreated into the Ohio River. One of two pumps is now working.

Loretta Covington delivered these remarks to Huntington City Council at the Monday, April 11, 2011 meeting. At the time anticipation was that the pump would go on-line during the meeting. She did not have an estimate for the repair cost. (Council woman Frances Jackson questioned her about the break and other issues. We will add that discussion late Tuesday.]

One motor has been repaired and is being installed as we speak. The other motor is still out for repair. We won’t know until tomorrow [Tuesday] the status of this motor. Fillers are out searching for another motor. This is a special sized motor and is not carried on the shelf. I would like to stress that if everything does go back on line this really is a band aid fix. We have no way of knowing how long this repair will take.

Our staff and engineers are going to recommend to the Board that we begin making preparations for a bypass. The bypass could start in about 60 days after approval from the Sanitary Board and City Council. At this point, we are obtaining better cost estimates and should have something to present to the board at the next meeting.

Bypassing the pump station includes installing a diesel generated pumps at two pump station inflow points (one inflow point is on a 48 inch gravity line located across the floodwall from the pump station adjacent to the Ohio River. Two pumps will be installed at the sluice gate located on the gravity line. The other pump will be located on the 66-inch gravity line airflow point on 13th Street West. Flow from the two inflow points will be pumped around the station via plastic lines. The lines will be connected by a manifold that would be connected into the 48 inch force main accepting all of the flows east of the pump station and directing them around the 13th Street pump station to go directly to the [waste treatment] plant.

This bypass is part of the design for the renovation of the station. But, we do not feel we should or can wait two years for this to be installed.

It is less risky to be proactive instead of reactive and having to operate the way we are now.


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