by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Scene from Robert Redford's "The Conspiracy"
Scene from Robert Redford's "The Conspiracy"

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – Scream IV and Rio in 3D are the wide movie releases slated for April 15 at many cinemas. In limited release, Atlas Shrugged Part I (exclusively at Pullman Square) and award-winning “The Conspirator,” directed by Robert Redford (Marquee Pullman, Marquee Galleria).

While contemplating this weeks flicks, here's a page for a peek stills from some of the new movies coming in April, May and June. They are in the entertainment section, . Then, hit Reel Life.


MARQUEE PULLMAN SQUARE:(all stadium seating; all digital, 4 Real D 3D auditoriums): , Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (PG-13), 11:45-2:15-4:45-7:15-9:45;  The Conspirator (PG-13), 1:00-4:00- 6:50- 9:40;  Rio 3D (G) ,  11:30-12:45-2:00- 3:30- 4:30- 6:30-7:00-9:00- 9:30; Scream IV (R) (on two screens), 12:15-1:15-3:15-4:15-6:40-7:20-9:20- 10:00; TIME CHANGES: Diary of Wimpy Kid, 11:40-2:05-4:30 only; Hall Pass, 6:55-9:30 only; Hop, 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:20-9:40; ENDS THURSDAY: ENDS THURSDAY: Sucker; Paul; Red Riding Hood; Rango; Just Go for It; For full schedule and on line sales, click:

DISCOUNT CINEMA, ($2.50 before 6 p.m., $3.50 after 6 p.m., $2.50 all day Tuesday) Gnomeo and Juliet 2D, 5:15-7:15-9:15, Sat/Sun/Tues Mat. 1:15-3:15; The King’s Speech (PG 13 version), 4:30-7:10-9:30, Sat/Sun/Tues Mat. 1:30; Unknown, 4:25-7:05-9:25, Sat/Sun/Tues Mat. 1:25; Hall Pass, 5:20-7:30-9:40, Sat/Sun/Tues, Mat. 1:00-3:10; ENDS THURSDAY: Barney’s Version, Roommate, Green Hornet; SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SCREENING: Friday, April 29, Repo! The Genetic Opera; Saturday, April 30, Rocky Horror Picture Show. For full schedule and on line ticket sales:


MARQUEE SOUTHRIDGE, (all digital, all stadium): Atlas Shrugged Part One, 11:45-2:15-4:40-7:15-9:45; Scream IV, 1:15-4:15-7:20-10:00; Rio 3D, 11:30-12:45-2:00-3:30-4:30-6:30-7:00-9:00-9:30; TIME CHANGES: Diary of Wimpy Kid, 11:50-2:15-4:45 only; Limitless, 7:10-9:45; ENDS THURSDAY: Sucker Punch; Paul; Red Riding Hood; Source Code; Rango; For full schedule and online ticket sales, click:


PARK PLACE STADIUM: Scream IV, 12:45-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:45; Rio 3D, 12:30-2:40-4:50-7:00-9:10, Rio 2D, 12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30; ENDS THURSDAY: Lincoln Lawyer, Rango, Unlimited; For full schedule, online ticket sales:


FOUNTAIN PLACE : Scream IV, 4:50-7:25-9:45, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:15-2:20; Rio 3D, 4:45-7:05-9:20, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:35-2:40; ENDS THURSDAY, Source Code, Diary of a Wimpy Kid; For full schedule and on line ticket sales,


MARQUEE GALLERIA 14 (All stadium, all digital), Conspirator, 12:45-3:45-6:45-9:30; Rio 3D, 11:45-12:15-2:10-2:35-4:30-5:00-6:50-7:20-9:15-9:40; Scream IV, 12:00-1:00-3:00-4:00-6:30-7:00-9:10-9:35; TIME CHANGES: None; ENDS THURSDAY: Hall Pass; Red Riding Hood; Paul; Sucker Punch; For Full Times and online ticket sales, visit:


FRANK TEAYS VALLEY CINEMAS, (Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection), Rio 3D, 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:15; Scream IV, 1:00-3:05-5:15-7:35-9:45; TIME CHANGES: Diary of Wimpy Kid, 1:15-3:15-7:20 only; Lincoln Lawyer, 5:10-9:30 only; ENDS THURSDAY: Paul; Battle L.A; Red Riding Hood; Hall Pass; For full schedule /on line sales, visit:



MARQUEE WYTHEVILLE 8 (all digital; all stadium): Rio 3D, 4:45-7:05-9:30, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:00-2:25; Scream IV, 4:35-7:10-9:45, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:30; TIME CHANGES: Source Code, 7:15, Sat/Sun Mat. 1:00 only; Paul , 4:00-9:40 only0\ ; CONTINUING IN REAL D 3D: None; ENDS THURSDAY: Diary of a Wimpy Kid; For full showtimes and online ticket sales, click:


MARQUEE SENECA SHOWPLACE: Rio, 4:30-7:00-9:30*, Sat/Sun Mat. 11:45-2:10; Mon-Thurs. 5:15-7:30; Arthur, 4:00-6:45-9:30*, Sat/Sun Mat. 1:00; Mon-Thurs. 5:00-7:30; ENDS THURSDAY: Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Hop; (*No after 9 p.m. Shows on Sundays);  For on line tickets , click:



MARQUEE NICHOLAS SHOWPLACE: Rio 3D, 4:45-7:10-9:30, Sat-Thursday, 12:00-2:25-4:45-7:10-9:30; Scream IV, 4:00-7:00-9:40, Sat-Thursday, 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:40; Arthur, 4:10-7:05-9:45; Sat—Thursday, 1:20-4:10-7:05-9:45; Hop, 4:55-7:15-9:35, Sat-Thurs Mat. 12:15-2:35; ENDS THURSDAY: Diary of Wimpy Kid Rodrick; Limitless; Paul ; ; (* No after 9 p.m. shows on Sunday);  For on line sales click:



MARQUEE McDOWELL 3: Rio, 4:40-7:00-9:30*, Sat-Sun Mat., 2:00, Mon-Thurs. 5:00-7:20; Scream IV, 4:30-7:10-9:45*, Sat/Sun Mat. 1:40, Mon-Thurs. 4:50-7:30; Hop (PG) , 4:20, 6:50, 9:20*, Sat/Sun Mat. 1:50, Mon-Thurs. 5:10-7:25; ENDS THURSDAY: Limitless ; Beastly; (*No after 9 p.m. showings Sunday);


MARQUEE HIGHLANDS 14 (All stadium, all digital), Conspirator, 1:10-4:10-7:00-9:45; Rio 3D, 12:00-1:00-2:25-3:30-4:50-6:45-7:25-9:10-9:40; Scream IV, 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:40; TIME CHANGES: None; ENDS THURSDAY: Red Riding Hood; Rango; Just Go For It; Gnomeo and Juliet; Adjustment Bureau; Mars Needs Moms; For full schedule/on line tickets: