EDITORIAL: Manchin's Pro-Obama Vote on NLRB Regulation Challenged by Raese

HNN Staff

Who is the true conservative in this year's U.S. Senate race between Joe Manchin and John Raese?

Ask yourself this one:  Would John Raese have voted with for the new controversial National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regulation, one that would have mandated a much shorter time frame for unionization elections, dramatically affecting small businesses here?

Do pigs fly?

Of course Raese would not go for such an unfair regulation.  Raese hasn't forgotten what it takes to start a business in West Virginia. When workplace employees are considering whether to unionize, of course they deserve to hear both sides--union and management--fully.  That is the only way for the employees to make an informed vote.

But the Obama Administration wanted to shore up its support with Big Labor, and so two of their appointees to the NLRB tried to force through this regulation during the 2012 re-election year, small businesses be damned.

Thankfully, an Obama-appointed federal judge struck down the regulation since the two pro-labor NLRB members had tried to succeed, despite not even having a quorum. 

This may be historic, since it is likely the one time that John Raese and an Obama-appointed justice will agree on anything.

But actually, there's a reason for such broad agreement on this particular NLRB attempt to circumvent basic procedures:  fair is fair.

For decades, businesses have had the guarantee that they will have the time necessary to develop their own arguments in any contest with unions as they vie for the votes of employees.  Obama's two NLRB members were trying to change that, creating an obvious unfair advantage for Big Labor.

But boys will be boys, right?  What do we expect from Obama appointees on the NLRB? 

What we didn't expect was to see Senator Joe Manchin vote in approval of this new regulation on the floor of the U.S. Senate.  That's right:  "Mr. Pro-Business" Manchin was right in Big Labor's hip pocket.

What happened to Joe Manchin?  The moment he set foot in the District of Columbia, he voted for Obamacare. Then there's the whole EPA saga, with Joe Manchin looking a lot more persuaded by Obama's arguments against coal than the other way around. 

Now Manchin must be hoping for some campaign contributions from Big Labor to be voting for a shameless attempt to treat our small businesses unfairly, just to make union bosses happy in an re-election year.

John Raese is sending a signal loud and clear from his website today about Manchin's shabby vote for a regulation struck down by, of all things, an Obama-appointed federal judge:

"This rule will strip business owners of their legal rights to a fair election process and will cripple West Virginia businesses. Joe Manchin says he's a "West Virginia Democrat," but once again is voting like a "Washington Democrat."

Manchin can no longer be one way or the other on everything. When it comes to job creation, clearly, Manchin has signalled that he is for Big Labor, not West Virginia small businesses.