Clark Barnes Makes Federal Stimulus a Top Campaign Issue in Governor's Race

HNN Staff
Senator Barnes
Senator Barnes

Senator Clark Barnes of Elkins has emerged as the most emphatic opponent of accepting federal stimulus funds from the Obama Administration.

Around the state on the Republican Special Primary Election trail, Barnes notes that state leaders have been "backfilling" the state's budget with federal money and have no viable plans to know what to do when the federal stimulus funds run out.

Speaking at a political gathering in Weirton, Barnes was characteristically blunt on the issue.

"The current leadership in Charleston think that you have to take whatever federal program is coming down the pike next or you're "leaving money on the table," said Barnes.  "But sometimes, by opting out of what the federal government thinks we need, we can be saving millions of our matching dollars."

"I'd much rather see us spend our state taxpayer dollars on better roads, more exits on Interstates when possible, than on some state match for a plan some federal bureaucrat dreamed up," said Barnes. "I voted against Obama's stimulus money coming here."

Barnes is a two-term State Senator from Elkins and the owner of two successful small businesses in Randolph County.

For more of a look at Senator Barnes and his stand on federal stimulus money, here is a short video link from the Weirton candidates' forum mentioned above:

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