From The Acting Governor’s Desk: A weekly column by Acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin
The safety of motorists traveling on West Virginia roadways is important to me, my administration and the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH). As spring turns to summer, motorists will begin seeing highway improvement projects sprout up across our state.
In response to my directive, WVDOH is diligently preparing for numerous improvement projects that will extend across our great state.  As their employees work hard to improve our roadways, it is important to increase your awareness of these projects while maintaining safety behind the wheel and slowing down while traveling through their work zones. 

This year, WVDOH will continue to preserve and maintain West Virginia's roadways.    Through the WVDOH's Winter Road Damage Program potholes that appeared over the course of this year's unrelenting winter will be patched.  This is in addition to the WVDOH's resurfacing program. 

As a result of the increasing need to renovate our secondary roadways, there has been a specific focus toward the Secondary Road Renovation Program.  Prior to implementation, secondary roads, with low traffic usage, in need of resurfacing would simply fall by the wayside due to limited funding. This program changes that.

In addition to funding, maintaining safe roadways requires well executed, innovative plans.  WVDOH has implemented a policy for the widening of shoulders on two-lane roads.  In addition, engineers are working to reduce roadway departure crashes by using "safety edges" on shoulders.  If your tires hit these strips, a vibration and rumbling sound will alert you, letting you know that you have reached the edge of the road, helping you even when visibility might be less than ideal.

With the hard work of WVDOH employees and the ongoing collaborative efforts of such programs as the Governor's Highway Safety Program, we are working hard to keep you safe on our state's roadways.  I encourage you to keep an eye out for improvement projects that may occur in your area and give heed to your fellow West Virginians who are working to make your travels safe.  While a lot of effort goes into making our roadways safer, the best effort starts with you.