by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor

Aside from “Super 8,” which opens June 10, moviegoers anticipate an assembly of s

ummer blockbusters starting May 6 with the unveiling of the season’s first superhero, “Thor.”  On June 3, “X Men First Class” opens followed on June 17 by “Green Lantern,” and the July 22 debut of “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

But May remains a tip toe through the reels type of  introduction to warm months’ cinema.  The pattern adheres to a so-called blackbuster paired with other releases that cross-program demographics, hoping to capture ticket sales from those not interested in the week's #1 choice.

Seeking to capture the media circus and gaga from the Prince Harry & Kate Middleton wedding April 29 at Westminster Abbey , Hollywood has three wedding related pictures on May 6 and 13, leading to the long awaited “Hangover” sequel May 26.


An African American wedding tradition --- jumping a broom --- brings two divergent families together at Martha’s Vineyard. The comedy stars Angela Bassett, Paula Patton , Meagan Good and Mike Epps.  Director Salim (“Girlfriends”) Akil comes to feature directing in a path that could guarantee off-beat comedic insight: He worked at a mortuary for five years, then put in another five at a clinic for bi-polars and schizophrenics.

Something Borrowed hints at the altar, but actually tosses a salad of complex love relationships which no amount of dressing can soften. Kate Hudson, John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin star as talented attorney Goodwin (30 and single) has too much to drink and ends up in bed with Hudson’s fiancé (Colin Eggesfield).

Producer Judd (“Knocked Up,” “40 Year Old Virgin”) Apatow courts the female side of a pre-nuptial roadtrip when a broke and falling apart maid of honor , she hold on to join an assembly of “colorful” bridesmaids flocking to expensive and bizarre rituals prior to Lillian’s trip to the altar.

PRIEST (May 13)

Coupling the Old West and Vampires in a post-apocalyptic alternate world, Huntington’s own Brad Dourif  (better known as the voice of Chucky and Billy Bibbit in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) joins with Christopher Plummer, Maggie Q,  and Paul Bettany.  Let’s hope this “western –fused” genre has a better reception than “The Spirit” or “Jonah Hex.”


Johnny Depp and Ian McShane (as Blackbeard) join Penelope Cruz on a voyage to the fountain of youth.  Incidentally, McShane played Paul Griffen in the “We Are Marshall” flick.


After the warped and ragged bachelor party in Las Vegas, the friends travel to Thailand for Stu (Ed Helms) nuptials hoping for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch.

KUNG FU PANDA ii (May 26)

The voices for this animated comedy include Angelina Jolie , Gary Oldman, Jackie Chan , Jack Black, Lucy Llu , and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Here’s a brief scoop: Living as Dragon Warror (PO, the panda) protects the Valley of Peace  with masters of kung fu (Furious Five) but  a villain plans to conquer China and destroy Kung Fu.