Grass Roots Paul Supporters Holding Meetup Day April 19

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From Ron Paul Forum
From Ron Paul Forum

Ron Paul has famously stated that he has yet to decide whether or not to run for president in 2012. How about we help him make up his mind?

You can by helping to plan and participate in the festivities on the first ever National Run Ron Paul Meetup Day on April 19th! This is of course the anniversary of the first American Revolution, and the release date of Ron Paul’s new book, Liberty Defined .

Meetup now makes it free and easier than ever to get involved with their new service, Meetup Everywhere. Now anyone can easily establish a local group anywhere for free, or join one that is already there.

We hereby declare April 19th National Run Ron Paul Day! This is a day to reconnect with Ron Paul supporters across the country, celebrate the anniversary of the first American Revolution and prepare for the second! Get your Ron Paul gear on and your signs out for the kickoff of Ron Paul 2012! Head to the bookstore to buy his new book, then to the tavern together for some good old fashioned fellowship and planning for Ron Paul 2012! Let’s get this party started and have some fun!

There are still over 600 local Meetup groups with 87,000 members from the 2008 campaign. The National Run Ron Paul Meetup is a new tool to organize on a national level, so be sure to spread the word to your current groups about this day and get current members to join this new effort. It is an addition to your local meetup that allows coordination among all groups on a national scale.

To get involved, go to to find your local Run Ron Paul Day Meetup group. If there is no group in your area, start one yourself! Once other folks join up, you can collaboratively choose a location (community center, restaurant, pub, etc.) and a time to meet. Anyone can step up to be the organizer to help move the process along.


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