Locally Shot "America's Feud" Documentary Airs June 2 on History Channel

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Reenactment of feud scenes at Heritage Farm, courtesy Trifecta Productions
Reenactment of feud scenes at Heritage Farm, courtesy Trifecta Productions

Two Hatfield and McCoy films  took over Huntington downtown May 24. Milton native David Fetty , who left the area for California 40 years ago, returned to celebrate both a dramatized three part mini-series and a documentary. Although the mini-series starring Kevin Costner was shot in Romania, the documentary, “America’s Greatest Feud: The Hatfields & McCoys,  has been shot in WV, KY and Huntington's Heritage Farm by Trifecta Productions.

Fetty , who produced the mini-series and documentary,  explained that Romania standing in for Appalachia had everything to do with budget. Directed by Ryan Reynolds, the six hour film has qualities of an epic Western, set in Appalachia. Scenes such as the largest public hanging in Kentucky include hundreds of extras.

During the Romanian shoot and preparation which totaled four to six months, the History Channel green-lighted the companion documentary which was made  Appalachia. "America's Feud: The Hatfields & McCoys," features historian Bill Richaards,  local  re-enacters and local thespians, such as Huntington first lady, Debbie Wolfe, and His Honor, Mayor Kim Wolfe, radio d.j., Clint McElroy , and  newspaper columnist, Dave Lavender. Huntington based, Trifecta Productions , provided the crew.


The documentary directed by Emmy nominated producer and director Mark Cowen ("Band of Brothers")  debuts at 4 p.m. Saturday, June 2  on History. This documentary kicks off a  marathon of Hatfield-McCoy  programming .

“We shot the documentary that will air on June 2 in Huntington at the Heritage Farms, in Pikeville, Ky., and also in Matewan,” said Fetty. “It was important to film this in places specific to the feud."

Pike County , Kentucky, contains the only remaining original locals from the feud. According to the Pike County Convention and Visitor's Bureau, The Pike County Courthouse, where the Hatfields (including "Cottontop Mounts") were tried for murder, as well as the old McCoy house and Dils Cemetery, where the McCoy family is buried, are all available on the Hatfields & McCoys Driving Tour.

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