Hundreds of Jobs Heading for Huntington’s Kinetic Park, if No One Speaks too Soon

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
 Hundreds of Jobs Heading for Huntington’s Kinetic Park, if No One Speaks too Soon

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – A “secret” unannounced project just became outted by an unidentified company source and construction source. Culling the combined data, 200-300 jobs would come to Kinetic Park.

Tom Bell, executive director of the Huntington Municipal Development Authority, had previously hinted that Kinetic Park will be the site for “significant” jobs for the region. Bell has insisted that he cannot be the one to confirm due to confidentiality agreements which might jeopardize the project.


However, at a March 1, 2011 meeting of the HMDA, a member of the organization blurted out the “secret” during the public meeting. In other words, yes, it sounds like Amazon, but the details and confirmation will come later from top level executives. Perhaps, to prevent another unintended misspoken leak, the April HMDA meeting included a lengthy executive session.


HMDA has authorized Bell to look into modifying the KP TIF district to include back up power and broadband service. But, how many new jobs remains a question.


Bell termed the project “ambitious,” stated to the full authority that closing would likely be “within weeks” and estimated to HNN after the March 1 council meeting 500-600 jobs.


The project lured one or more board members to question in March about available KP lots for investment purposes.


Amazon recently, though, renewed its lease at the Jean Dean Municipal Building for one year. They also have an office in the River Tower on Third Avenue.


A published report answers the numbers question by stating the two downtown call centers would move to KP and 200-300 new employees would be hired.


However, the official line is – no comment. That’s from a reported Amazon source and the same statement came from Bell, who has previously told HNN that the project announcement would come from a source other than the city or HMDA.


Stay tuned.

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