RAD REPORT: Click to Learn State of Japanese Plant Reactors, Radiation Releases

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

Here's a site that tracks the fallout from the Japanese nuclear disaster  and tracks the conditions of the reactors at the facility. Click the U-Tube video to understand how to learn more about the site and the readings.

There's a disclaimer for the site, the Japanese Atomic Industrial Forum.

Policy on information and compilation:


This JAIF-compiled information chart represents the situation, phenomena, and operations in which JAIF estimates and guesses the reactors and related facilities are, based on the latest data and information directly and indirectly made available by the relevant organizations when JAIF’s updating works done. Consequently, JAIF may make necessary changes to descriptions in the chart, once (1) new developments have occurred in the status of reactors and facilities and (2) JAIF has judged so needed after reexamining the prior information and judgments.


JAIF will do its best to keep tracks on the information on the nuclear power plants quickly and accurately.

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