By Chuck Reuben

I thought it would be like Niagara Falls
---Tons of water hurling over a cliff
Overwhelming my senses like an ambulance bearing down the road.

. . . Instead it was like an endless curtain of shimmering tears
Falling into a vast pool
And into the place I could not see.

I thought the sound of all that water
Would be like thunder
Like ocean waves during a storm

Instead I heard the calming sound of three thousand
Million tears
Washing away the anger and fear
A soothing balm
A gentle touch.

The water is moving
The names are fixed
Are etched in bronze

And even when the snowflakes fall
The letters rise to the surface
They say
I was here I died in the rubble I lived a good life

And off to the side
A pear tree grows
It survived the attack
And flourishes.

I'd like to visit this place when the sun hits the water in a certain way
Leaving rainbows of color in my eyes.


Copyright © Chuck Reuben, 2012