PARALLEL UNIVERSE: Summertime, and the Living Is Uneasy as 'Teens' Attack Whites, Asian-Americans in Chicago

By David M. Kinchen

As the  temperatures rise in Chicago, the nation's third largest city, attacks by black '"teens" are on the rise, although you wouldn't know it from the politically correct news reports. The attacks follow the patterns of last year's "wildings" in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and at the Wisconsin State Fair, with mobs of young blacks attacking whites and others.


If you read the CBS News report (link: ) you'll have to look far down in the story to discover that the "teens" are black and the victims are whites or Asian-Americans -- typical of the politically correct newswriting and editing practiced by the liberal media.


In the above referenced CBS story, a reader would have to go to the 18th graf -- as newspeople call paragraphs -- to find the racial identity of the "teens". If whites or Asians attacked blacks, the identity of the attackers would be in the first or second paragraph.


Quoting from the story: "In a third incident, a 36-year-old man was attacked by a teen mob as he walked home from work along Dewitt Place near Pearson Street in Streeterville. Note: Streeterville's boundaries are east of Michigan Avenue, north of the Chicago River to Oak Street.

"Since the attack, the man, a doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, has granted an interview to the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass for a column that ran Wednesday, June 13. (Link to John Kass's column: 'Victim: They were enjoying frightening people':,0,5725691.column). The doctor told Kass that even though his home is four blocks from the hospital where he works, he will now be taking a cab home.


"Police say the man was robbed and attacked by anywhere from 10 to 20 people. The man was taken to the hospital with a head injury, but he was able to walk on his own after the attack.

"The doctor is Asian and the assailants African-American, but the victim told Kass he did not believe race was the motivation for the attack. He told Kass, rather, that the group seemed just to be beating people for fun."

If whites were beating African-Americans for fun, the outrage would be strong, to say the least.

A friend in Chicago, who used to live in Streeterville, a densely populated near north side neighborhood, emailed me:


"From the deck of my condo bldg at 900 North Lake Shore Drive [a few blocks east of Streeterville] you can watch gangs of young black kids strolling by on Saturday evenings. I've never personally been threatened. But I might start carrying a 5 iron when I'm walking in the evening."


In several columns on last summer's wildings I praised Michael Nutter, the black mayor of Philadelphia, and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane, a black man, for speaking out frankly on the responsibility of parents of the black "teens" involved to control their children.


Quoting from my Aug. 9, 2011 column, where I mention both Nutter and Kane, who formerly lived in Philadelphia:


"Nutter, 54, a black man and a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton's Presidential bid (he switched to Obama after Clinton dropped out), is fed up with the so-called "flash mobs" of black "youths" who've been terrorizing the City of Brotherly Love for months now. (Link: And for the mayor on a video:

"The site referenced in the first link says "Mayor Nutter had some choice words for the parents of the kids involved in the flash mobs which he delivered from the pulpit of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. He said that the teens, most of whom are black, are 'damaging the race,' and that parents who sit by and refuse to get their kids in order, will be sitting next to them in jail. He also admonished parents for sending checks and giving money without spending time with their kids, calling them 'human ATMs.' Mayor Nutter called men who don't even do that simply 'sperm donors'".

"This brings up my call for accurate reporting of the violence that marred the opening day of the Wisconsin State Fair, on Thursday, Aug. 4 (Link: which has prompted 26 comments so far, more than anything I've ever blogged on. (Some of the comments are offensive, but I don't believe in censorship).

"The violence at what has long been considered a wholesome event (it was during my ten years in Milwaukee) also prompted Eugene Kane, a columnist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, to decry the violence. Like Nutter, Kane is African American. Here's a link to his column:

Writing under the headline, It's time to take steps to stop young thugs, Kane says:

"As I've stated before, I believe some young blacks act out in public because they know how frightening black people appear to some whites and it gives them a sense of power. That's not an excuse for the behavior, but it's a very real component.

"It's always embarrassing for law-abiding African-Americans with good children when this stuff happens. I know because I hear from them in the same numbers I hear from white readers who want to blame every black family for raising criminal offspring.

"Frankly, the latter group can get pretty tiring.

"But I do have real concern for the state of this community, where twice so far this summer there's been a shocking example of mob violence by young black people that can't be explained in any sensible way.

"It's interesting that I spent much of last week in Philadelphia, a city that recently has seen its own problems with youth violence involving African-American teens.

"For most of the summer, Philadelphia cops have dealt with a series of so-called flash mobs that turned violent, scores of young blacks roaming the center city area and attacking mostly white pedestrians and shoppers.

"It's so bad, Mayor Michael Nutter and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey recently announced a coordinated response to the problem, which involves law enforcement measures, social responses and neighborhood outreach. They're relying on a network of African-American professionals, community leaders and officials in the city to step up to the plate."


* * *

And, finally, I want to mention another columnist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where I spend almost 10 years of my life (at The Sentinel, from 1967 to early 1976), Jim Stingl who wrote a column on the controversial subject of racial identification in news stories:


Bottom line: Parents should take charge of their teens, as both Michael Nutter and Eugene Kane write. There's no excuse for behavior of this kind. It will only lead to escalation, which will involve firearms rather than golf clubs.