Political TV Ad Analysis: "Team" from the Maloney Campaign

HNN Staff

GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney of Morgantown has his second TV ad up, entitled "Team." According to the candidate's website, this ad is designed to highlight Maloney's personal story and his focus on job creation.  

The Narrative:

"San Jose Mine, Chile. With 33 miners trapped, Bill Maloney helped devise the plan to bring up every last one. I'm Bill Maloney. Pulling miners out of the ground takes a team dedicated to their survival. It's the kind of teamwork it'll take to put West Virginians back to work. Bill Maloney has created hundreds of jobs, and using West Virginia technology, helped save those miners. Bill Maloney: not a career politician. Conservative. Job Creator. Reliable."


From the beginning of Maloney's late entry into this year's Governor's race, his time spent in Chile has been a dominant theme. This South American experience, while obviously meaningful to Maloney, may be a bridge too far for many Republican voters who want to know what Maloney has done or will do to help West Virginians during the current deep recession.

Maloney's campaign tries to suggest that Maloney's participation in the Chilean mine rescue demonstrates that he has the knowledge regarding teamwork necessary to help put West Virginians back to work.  But the Chilean miners weren't unemployed.  They were stuck deep down under the earth.

Voters may be willing to credit Maloney for his humanitarian gesture in Chile, but they might well miss the connection as to how it prepares Maloney for getting West Virginia out of its unemployment situation.   This ad does little to connect Maloney's Chilean experience with the experience of unemployed West Virginians.

Effectiveness Grade of TV ad:  C-

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