Opening Matches for the WVIRBA Irish Road Bowling Singles League

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BEAVER, WV  - The first ever men's singles matches are set for May 1st in Ireland, West Virginia at 2 PM on Wild Cat Road and on May 7th at the Kanawha State Forest. The first ever men's singles match will feature three of the top competitors facing off with each other in a 3-handed score. 

 Mark Whitt of Shady Spring, who has finished as Novice 2 state runner-up three times, will have to face off against Jerod Putnam and Travis Craig on their home course. Both Jerod Putnam and Travis Craig are former multiple time West Virginia State Champions. All three have competed in the North American Championships against bowlers from New York and Boston. Travis Craig has won the North American Championship in Novice 2 in 2008 and Novice 1 in 2009 and advanced to bowl in the Country of Ireland. Travis finished as runner-up in the All Ireland matches in 2008. The other match in Ireland, West Virginia features Richard Meece of Shady Spring, who is the 2010 Novice 3 champion and a member of the 2010 team of the year, facing off against Clifton Colebank of Morgantown, who is relatively new to the sport, but was on one of the top teams in the State in 2010, and John Nelson of Lake Floyd, the best vintage bowler in the State of West Virginia.


            The following week, on May 7th , the first ever singles league match held in one of the West Virginia State Park System sites will be held at a brand new event in the Kanawha State Forest, starting at 2:30 PM. The first match will feature the two time defending Novice 2 State Champion Ken McClintic, superintendent of Holly River State Park, facing off against Stephen Wallington of Culloden, the 2010 Novice 4 champion, and our youngest league bowler Tom Neville of Shepardstown. The second match at Kanawha State Forest will feature Travis McClintic of Lewisburg, a graduate and former football player at WVU. Travis McClintic also has competed in the North Americans as a Junior C bowler where in 2009 he finished as runner-up. He will be facing off against David Powell from the Salem, West Virginia area, but currently residing in Washington DC, and one of the founders of Irish Road Bowling in the State of West Virginia, and Kevin Smith of Beaver, the single league's organizer and member of the 2010 team of the year.


            During the season the competitors will bowl in eight different matches facing a total of seventeen opponents. Their win-loss record will be tallied throughout the season, then a seeded tournament, based upon their win-loss record will occur after the league's final regular season event at Holly River State Park. The final champion will be decided at Stonewall Lake Resort on November, 6th.


The match's dates and times are as follows:



For more information about the Singles League contact Kevin Smith at (304) 228-7928,


See 2011 Singles League page on 


For more information about WVIRBA Team Tournaments or Irish Road Bowling contact David Powell (202) 387-1680,



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