UPDATED TAKE TWO WEEKEND FIRST: Regional Movie Comings/Goings

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
UPDATED TAKE TWO WEEKEND FIRST: Regional Movie Comings/Goings

April 29-May 5, 2011

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – Here come four more flicks, but “Fast Five,” which resembles an updated motorcycle /action/exploitation thriller starring Van Diesel , likely will win the weekend.

Other mainstream releases include Disney’s “Prom,” “Hoodwinked Too Hood versus Evil,” and “Dylan Dog Dead of Night.”

Joining “Jane Eyre” as an exclusive art/independent film entry, “Kill the Irishman” comes to the Downtown Discount Cinema in Huntington.

Two special events occur --- the WV International Film Festival in Charleston runs at the Capitol Plaza Thursday through Sunday and on Friday and Saturday at Midnight, Downhome Decadence returns for “shadow casting” at the Cinema with “Repo” and “Rocky Horror.”

Obviously, next week eyes turn to Marvel’s on-screen adaptation of “Thor” in 3D, but, cross-programming will debut too, “Something Borrowed” (a female styled Hangover ) and “Jumping the Broom.”

The remainder of May will have one or two franchise styled sequels weekly, including, “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “Hangover.” May 13 brings “Bridesmaids” (another chic styled “Hangover” rip off this one produced by Judd Apatow) and the 3D, “Priest.”


MARQUEE PULLMAN SQUARE:(all stadium seating; sixteen all digital auditoriums, four Real D 3D auditoriums) , Prom, 11:40-2:10-4:40-7:15-9:45; Dylan Dog Dead of Night, 11:45-2:20-5:00-7:30-10:00; Hoodwinked Too (3D), 12:10-2:30-4:50-7:10-9:20; Fast Five, 12:00-1:00-3:00-4:00-6:30-7:00-9:30-10:00; TIME CHANGES: Jane Eyre, 1:20-9:10; Lincoln Lawyer, 9:40; Source Code, 4:15-6:40; ENDS THURSDAY: Atlas Shrugged Part One; Hanna; Limitless; Your Highness; ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE : “Thor 3D,” (opens May 6), 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:45; For full schedule and on line sales, click: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26187

DISCOUNT CINEMA, ($2.50 before 6 p.m., $3.50 after 6 p.m., $2.50 all day Tuesday), Kill the Irishman” (Cinema Exclusive $6), 5:15-7:20-9:25, Sat/Sun/Tues Mat. 1:05-3:10; Adjustment Bureau, 5:25-7:35-9:45, Sat/Sun/Tues Mat. 1:05-3:15; Diary of a Wimpy Kid II, 5:20-7:20-9:20, Sat/Sun/Tues 1:20-3:30; Hall Pass, 5:20-7:30-9:40, Sat/Sun/Tues, Mat. 1:00-3:10; ENDS THURSDAY: King’s Speech; SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SCREENING: Friday, April 29, Repo! The Genetic Opera; Saturday, April 30, Rocky Horror Picture Show. For full schedule and on line ticket sales: http://www.ourshowtimes.com/cinema/index.html


MARQUEE SOUTHRIDGE, (all digital, all stadium): Prom, 11:40-2:10-4:40-7:15-9:45; Dylan Dog, 11:45-2:15-4:50-7:25-10:00; Fast Five, 12:50-3:50-6:30-7:00-9:30-10:00; Hoodwinked Too 3D, 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:20-9:30; TIME CHANGES: Scream IV, 9:55 p.m.; Arthur, 1:20-4:00; Hop, 11:30-1:50-4:10-6:45 only; Insidious, 5:00-7:30-10:00; Lincoln Lawyer, 9:10 p.m. ; ENDS THURSDAY: Atlas Shrugged; Diary of Wimpy Kid; Hanna; ; ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE, “Thor,” Starts May 7, 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:45; For full schedule and online ticket sales, click: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26192



PARK PLACE STADIUM: Prom, 12:30-2:45-5:05-7:25-9:40; Dylan Dog, 12:40-3:00-5:20-7:35-9:55; Fast Five, 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:45; Hoodwinked Too, 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00; TIME CHANGES: Arthur, 1:00-9:15 only; Scream IV, 4:00-7:00 only; ENDS THURSDAY: Insidious, Rio 2D, and Hanna ; For full schedule, online ticket sales: https://ghtc.tstickets.com/ghtc.aspx?theatreid=2


MARQUEE GALLERIA 14 (All stadium, all digital), Dylan Dog Dead of Night, 11:40-2:15-4:50-7:20-9:45; Fast Five, 12:00-12:30-3:30-4:00-6:30-7:00-9:25-9:50; Hoodwinked Too 3D, 12:20-2:30-4:45-7:00-9:10; Prom, 11:50-2:20-4:50-7:20-9:50; TIME CHANGES: Your Highness 9:30; The Conspirator, 1:00-4:00 only; Scream IV, 7:00-9:40 only; Hop, 12:10-2:30-4:50-7:10 only; ENDS THURSDAY: Atlas Shrugged; Hanna; Source Code; Lincoln Lawyer; For Full times , online and Advance Tickets, Visit, http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26190


CINEMARK HUNTINGTON MALL: Fast Five, 11:30-1:00-2:30-4:00-5:30-7:00-8:30-10:00; Hoodwinked Too 3D, 11:55-2:40-5:00-7:40-9:50; Prom, 11:45-2:15-4:40-7:15-9:45; TIME CHANGES: Scream IV, 11:35-4:50-10:15* only; Insidious, 2:10-7:30; For full schedule and times, http://www.cinemark.com .



FRANK TEAYS VALLEY CINEMAS, (Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection), Fast Five, 1:20-4:20-7:00-9:50; Hoodwinked Too, 1:40-3:40-5:40-7:40-9:40; Prom, 1:10-4:15-7:10-9:30; Madea’s Happy Family, 1:15-4:30-7:40-9:50; TIME CHANGES: Hop, 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30 only; Insidious, 3:15-7:25 only; Scream IV, 1:10-5:20-9:35 only; Source Code, 9:30 only; ENDS THURSDAY: Your Highness; Lincoln Lawyer; Wimpy Kid; Arthur; Hanna;; For full schedule /on line sales, visit:  https://frank.tstickets.com/(S(vp4avjqc0puvet2lwa0v0c23))/ticketing.aspx?theatreid=6



FOUNTAIN PLACE : Dylan Dog Dead of Night, 4:25-7:30-9:50, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:05-2:15; Fast Five, 4:05-7:00-9:40, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:55; Prom, 4:55-7:15-9:30, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:30-2:45; TIME CHANGES: None; ENDS THURSDAY: Arthur; Insidious; Soul Surfer; For full schedule and on line ticket sales, https://ghtc.tstickets.com/ghtc.aspx?theatreid=3



MARQUEE WYTHEVILLE 8 (all digital; all stadium): Fast Five, 3:50-6:45-9:40, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:30; Hoodwinked Too 3D, 5:00-7:25-9:35, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:20-2:40; Prom, 4:50-7:20-9:50, Sat/Sun Mat. 11:50-2:20; TIME CHANGES: Hop , 4:55-7:15, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:10-2:30; Hanna, 9:35 p.m. only; ENDS THURSDAY: Your Highness; Arthur; For full showtimes and online ticket sales, click: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26204



MARQUEE SENECA SHOWPLACE: Five, 4:00-6:45-9:30*., Sat/Sun Mat. 1:00, Mon-Thursday, 4:50-7:30 ; Rio, 4:30-7:00-9:30*, Sat/Sun Mat. 11:45-2:10; Mon-Thursday, 5:15-7:30; ENDS THURSDAY: Limitless; (*No after 9 p.m. Shows on Sundays);  For on line tickets , click: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26222



MARQUEE NICHOLAS SHOWPLACE: Fast Five, 3:50-6:50-9:45*, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:45, Mon-Thurs. 4:40-7:35; Madea’s Big Happy Family, 4:10-7:05-9:40*, Sat/Sun Mat. 1:20; Prom, 4:00-7:00-9:35*, Sat/Sun Mat. 1:00, Mon-Thurs. 5:15-7:45; Rio 3D, 4:45-7:10-9:30, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:00-2:25; Mon-Thursday, 5:10-7:30; ENDS THURSDAY: Scream IV; Hop; (* No after 9 p.m. shows on Sunday);  For on line sales click: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26220



MARQUEE McDOWELL 3: : Fast Five, 1:00-4:00-6:50-9:45*, Mon-Thurs. 4:30-7:30; Insidious, 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30*, Mon-Thurs. 4:50-7:20; Madea’s Big Happy Family, 2:20-4:50-7:20-9:50*, Mon-Thursday, 4:40-7:10; ENDS THURSDAY: Scream IV; Rio; (*No after 9 p.m. showings Sunday); http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26221



MARQUEE HIGHLANDS 14 (All stadium, all digital), Dylan Dog, 1:15-4:15-7:10-9:45; Fast Five, 12:20-12:50-3:20-3:50-6:20-6:50-9:20-9:50; Hoodwinked Too 3D, 12:15-2:25-4:40-6:50-9:10; Prom, 11:50-2:20-4:50-7:20-9:50; TIME CHANGES: Arthur, 4:00-7:00; Hanna, 1:00-3:45; Hop, 12:30-2:50-5:10-7:30; Insidious, 7:00-9:50 only; Limitless , 9:50 only; Scream IV, 7:10-9:35 only; Conspirator, 12:45-4:00 only; Your Highness, 1:00-9:40 only; ENDS THURSDAY: Source Code; For full schedule/on line tickets: http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26189