EDITORIAL: Tennant Throws Away Good Future with Emily's List

HNN Staff

Wherever you happen to be on the abortion issue, one thing is for sure:  West Virginia is a decidedly pro-life state.  While there have been a handful of Democratic statewide candidates who have been pro-choice, they have always been careful not to wave that fact around too obviously.  Why?  Because the vast majority of voters in both major parties here are pro-life of one kind or another.

So when Secretary of State Natalie Tennant decided to seek out the national pro-choice group, Emily's List, to help her fund her Governor's campaign this year, it was a serious risk--not only to her current chances for Governor but also for the rest of what seemed to be a promising career in state politics.  Why?  Because she has now branded herself as a seriously liberal Democrat who is out of touch with the mainstream of West Virginia politics.

It's one thing to be pro-choice and to even vote that way.  Some districts in the Mountain State are more liberal than others and can handle that. But for Tennant to proudly let it be known that Emily's List is helping to underwrite her campaign?   That is like Tennant taking a megaphone into the streets and shouting, "I am in conflict with all you've been taught about life in your churches, West Virginia!"

So what does Emily's List expect in return from Natalie Tennant for their much needed financial help?  Well, their internet website is up front about the fact that they support only pro-choice, Democratic women for office.  They want to turn around pro-life states like West Virginia and make them just as pro-choice as California.  Nevermind the generations of values that have been passed down by Catholic, Protestant, and other faith traditions on the sanctity of human life here in the Mountain State.

Reasonable people can disagree on the pro-life/pro-choice issue.  But until this year, we have yet to see a West Virginia statewide candidate for office so brash as to tell her future constituents that they must kowtow to the out-of-state special interest group that says that abortion on demand is fine and dandy.  Natalie Tennant may have gotten a few TV spots paid for by Emily's List money this year.

But in exchange, she's sold her political career here for a very cheap price.


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