BOOK NOTES: Two Shelly Reuben Books Now Available as Kindle eBooks

By David M. Kinchen
BOOK NOTES: Two Shelly Reuben Books Now Available as Kindle eBooks

One of my all-time favorite writers, Chicago native and Brooklyn resident Shelly Reuben, has just notified me that two of her books -- "Come Home.

Love, Dad", a memoir, and "Julian Solo," her first crime novel -- are available from in $2.99 Kindle editions. That's great news for readers -- and more great news is on the horizon as more of her out-of-print novels will soon be available in eBook form. Next up for Kindle will be "Spent Matches." In addition to being an award-winning novelist, Shelly is also a licensed arson investigator and private investigator. She added that that within a few weeks the two books below will also be available on Nook, iBooks, Sony, Kobo, etc.


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Click here: Come Home. Love, Dad: Shelly Reuben: Books

Click here: Julian Solo: Shelly Reuben: Books



BOOK NOTES: Two Shelly Reuben Books Now Available as Kindle eBooks

Come Home. Love, Dad warmly introduces us to magical mirrors of every color and shape, giant balls of string, brothers wearing Davy Crockett T-shirts, and stalwart lions who guard the entrance to the Art Institute. Shelly Reuben's description of her father's escapades in the kitchen, "if flour footprints aren't on the floors and carpets (it) doesn't taste as good," make you wish that you too, had been there to inhale the smell of his koochen baking in the oven. And intersperesed throughout these recollections are the enchanting letters that Sam Reuben wrote to his daughter. Wonderful epistles imparting proverbs, reciting poetry, conveying wit, wisdom, whimsy ... and always ... always letting her know that he loved her, and that he wanted her to Come Home. Love, Dad

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BOOK NOTES: Two Shelly Reuben Books Now Available as Kindle eBooks

Publication Date: June 1, 1998

Julian Solo is a research psychobiologist pushing the limits of scientific knowledge by delving into the "forbidden" area of life after death. Unlike Mary Shelley's Dr. Frankenstein, who created a living being from inanimate body parts, Julian seeks to discover a way for humans to enter and leave the death state at will.

At first, his motivation is knowledge for knowledge's sake. How wonderful it would be, he reflects, to discover a mechanism to fool the body into thinking that all bodily functions had ceased. Rather than go to sleep at night, we would "die." When we wake up the next morning, instead of being eight hours older, we would not have aged a bit.

But when his wife is diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease, Julian Solo's research takes on a personal urgency. He begins to experiment upon himself, and discovers the secret of biological life after death.

Has he made a great scientific breakthrough? Or is he balancing on the edge of a morality he can neither control nor understand?

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