Photos by Sarah Jeffers
Costumed Fans Attend Baltimore Convention

BALTIMORE, MD (HNN) - A celebration of Asian pop culture invaded the waterfront as 30,000 fans donned costumes to meet, mingle, purchase art and talk to celebrities, including a visit by Power Ranger martial artist, Jason David Frank who will star in "The One Warrior." Ranging from Astroboy to Spirited Away, Otakton 2012 filled with ninjas, airbenders, Pokeman, video game protagonists, and other Asian influenced characters.

The convention had little or no costume dress codes, allowing masks and fantasy inspired fake weapons. No one appeared concerned about the events in Colorado more than a week ago, which threaten to chill movie theater midnight partying.

Many came out in over the top costumes, including females in jackets and bikinis. Spread over three buildings and five floors, the con had dealers rooms, autograph sessions, and raves.

A special location was reserved for Japan relief donations to help those displaced by the 2011 earthquake.

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