DEVOTION: Recovery

by Beth Bondurant

For over a week access to Internet has been denied on my computer and finding a solution for "recovery" hasn't been an easy process and success is still pending.

However, this is nothing compared to people and places ravaged by tornadoes, flood waters and other natural disaster.

Any surgery whether it be emergency or planned in time requires recuperation and healing.

Subversive and incendiary acts of violence calculated and perpetrated may never be fully rectified.

Resolution necessitates determined and persistent steadfastness.

What may take seconds to destroy can warrant a lifetime of intention and design.

What was may never be again.

"To be spiritually minded is life and peace."

"The work of righteousness shall be peace....and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever."

O God, it is you and you alone who can bring us back from dissolution to spiritual wholeness and physical well-being.  Each and every day we struggle with injury and the viciousness of our existence.  It is your light and your presence that brings life and peace to our heart, mind, body and spirit.  Help us to desire your light of love.  Forgive us for looking elsewhere to find goodness in our daily welfare.  So much of what I strive to do and be is transient and diminishes so quickly in the wake of my human limitation.  Renew my faith... my trust... my hope... my preference for love, peace and joy.  I am so easily swayed by human power and control and lack trust in divine righteousness.  I need to see it to believe it and rely too much on what I think I know and understand.  Touch me, Lord, with patience and gentleness... with kindness and faithfulness.  Your love includes all people... the whole of the universe ... and your wisdom and truth permeates all of creation.  I am sick of heart, mind, body and spirit... and need love's gracious recovery.