McDowell Candidate Hoping Voters Consider a Return to Prosperity and Greater Use of Coal

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McDowell Candidate Hoping Voters Consider a Return to Prosperity and Greater Use of Coal

Roger Stacy (R-McDowell ) faces an ultimate underdog House of Delegates. He’s running in the coal fields of West Virginia where the Democratic Party has an ingrained historic political following. However, the Democratic platform has shifted where it now opposes coal production, once the life flow of McDowell  and other Mountain State counties.

 “Coal is the most viable resource in America,” Stacy said, explaining that it enabled the industrial revolution sustained us through World War II and other conflicts, and continues to “keep the lights on.”

 A Tea Party Republican, Stacy explained that the GOP has replaced the Democratic Party in reflecting the values of Southern West Virginia residents.

 Attesting to the altered agenda when Stacy left McDowell County 27-years ago, it was one of the state’s richest counties. Now, it’s one of the poorest.   


Stacy believes that the federal government has usurped state sovereignty through interference in education and the environment. He referred to the process as a mixture of “bribery and extortion.” Dependency upon the federal government for grants and entitlements have replaced free market capitalism .  The method has narrowed the rights of citizens, too. “Everyone wants their individual freedoms returned,” he stressed.


One of his goals as a state legislator will be to “repeal oppressive laws to restore Southern West Virginia to prosperity.


Tax structure must become “business friendly” which encourages the broadening of the tax base and further education to restore pride and dignity.


Under the current system, West Virginia and the nation are “bankrupt” due to lavish pension plans of previous generations, which were dependent upon steadily increasing wealth and population.


“We’re going to have to expect and accept less for the overall health of America,” Stacy explained.


Acknowledging that those retired or near retirement age  do not have the ability to drastically alter pension planning, he would “grandfather” those people with current plans. Applying an age based step down formula, such as those 50-62 receiving a percentage of current promises and those under 50 responsible for private retirement accounts.


Favoring the limited federal government intervention espoused by President Ronald Reagan and former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, he would return such programs as welfare, environmental protection, and education to the state

“If states return to capitalistic business principles, they would not need federal dollars.”

He supports Paul’s mandate to audit the Federal Reserve and gradually put the United States back on a gold or silver standard.

“The Fed creates and bursts bubbles stealing American’s prosperity. It’s legalized embezzlement.”

Stacy knows that the voter rolls have a large Democratic registration majority. Having opted to run for office on the last day of filing, he stands on the Constitution of WV and the US, “I will not stand idly by and not fight tyranny,” he said.

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