Facebook BOLO Helps Huntington Police Apprehend Suspect

Updated 5 years ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Wallace Circle Meeting
Wallace Circle Meeting
(Photo by Scott Caserta)

Residents of Wallace Circle in Huntington have instituted a novel neighborhood watch, following a series of thefts July 31 and Aug. 1 in the 3000 block. A meeting to consider greater vigilance took place August 7 at St. John’s Episcopal  Church attended by Mayor Kim Wolfe, Police Chief Skip Holbrook, and many residents.

City Councilman Scott Caserta said , “it was the beginning of coming together.”  

On Sunday, councilman Scott Caserta initiated a unique BOLO, he sent out a photo of a wanted man who fled police via Facebook. Six hours later, in his words, “the long arm of Facebook” netted an apprehension.

Caserta explained that since the August 7 meeting “we had not experienced any crime,” that is until Sunday, Aug. 12. “The subject was arrested. The neighbors are Face booking and staying in touch.”

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