Zombies Coming to Swine Fest

Updated 5 years ago From Press Release
Zombies Coming to Swine Fest

As rumor of a zombie attack spreads through the small close knit community of Guyandotte, The Center of Disease Control has been put on full alert and is in the process  of sending Zombie Survival kits to Guyandotte.

Community Organizer Rick Simmons stated,"This is getting serious" Zombie Response Teams are being organized and all precautions are being taken. The supposed attack is to take place during SwineFest 2012. "We will not cancel "SwineFest and are expecting a record crowd." Simmons said.

The attack is  to allegedly take place on Aug.25. SwineFest has grown in the last six years and a group of Zombies will not stop our continued efforts." Simmons stated from his front porch. Keep your doors and windows locked and be on constant alert.For more information.....Contact the Guyandotte Zombie Hotline at 304 208-3121.

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