EDITORIAL: Maloney/Ireland Bruising Battle Leaves Many Looking for Options

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Senator Clark Barnes
Senator Clark Barnes

While Kessler, Tennant, Tomblin, Thompson, and Perdue fight it out in their TV ads on the Democratic side, Republican voters are getting annoyed with the mudslinging going on between Bill Maloney and Betty Ireland.  Each now has shown that the other has given to Democratic candidates in times past, Ireland a few years ago, Maloney just last year.   Meanwhile, the issues are getting lost in the shuffle, causing many GOP and Independent voters to cast about for better options.  In State Senator Clark Barnes, they will have found a good one.

Senator Barnes has been talking up the issues for a long time before Ireland and Maloney.  That's because Barnes has been defending the rights of West Virginia property owners and taxpayers for six years before this campaign even got started--on the floor of the State Senate.  Barnes loves to tackle the hard issues and has promised that, if West Virginia voters give him a chance, he'll show them what a truly streamlined state budget can look like.

"There's no reason on earth why we can't find more money for important road projects, whether it's Rt. 35 in Putnam and Mason Counties or simple maintenance work elsewhere," says Barnes.  "All that needs done is to take a serious look at the state budget, see where the duplication is, and then ask, "Why are we wasting money here?"  I've been in Charleston as a part-time legislator just long enough to know where to make the cuts.  And more importantly, I'm not afraid to make them."

Senator Barnes brings to his budget sensibilities the same approach he brings to running his two successful small businesses.  "If we don't absolutely have to have it, we live without it," says Barnes.  "We have been able to build two very profitable businesses over the years because of this simple rule.  And trust me, there's a lot in state government we don't need.  Take a look at all those state vehicles out on the road these days, guzzling $4.00 per gallon gas.  That could get worse, as we all know, so it's time to ask, "Do we need all these state workers driving state cars?"

"That's just one example, but if the average voter could just see how much waste there is in state government, they'd be outraged," says Barnes. "That's why I want one year to show the taxpayers of this state that we can have a state budget that finally reflects our values and priorities.  But as the old saying goes, I can't help you until you elect me."

Early Voting in the Republican primary contest for Governor continues this week with the election itself to be held on Saturday, May 14th. Independents are also allowed to vote in the GOP primary.

For more information on Senator Barnes' candidacy, go to: www.clarkbarnesforgovernor.com.  Or check out his Facebook page under "Clark Barnes."

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